Social Marketing Thoughts from Internet Retailer 2008

Even though I am home, I will continue to write about the Internet Retailer conference over the next few days. Today, here are some thoughts about social marketing trends.

It is clear that internet retail is currently in love with the concept of marketing socially. If I heard one presentation about social marketing, I heard thirty. Of course, most of them were almost useless because here is a little secret. There are not many retailers selling hard goods that are having success with social marketing.

For example, many so-called experts continue to talk about Second Life. Give me a break. If you have twisted views about sex, go to Second Life. If, on the other hand, you want to sell product, do something else. There are no success stories that I know of where online retailers have created any real business in Second Life. Most people in Second Life have something very different on their mind if you know what I mean.