The Plot to Kill Google? Google’s Secret Weapon?

A recent article in Wired called The Plot to Kill Google details some of the major legal and political battles that Google finds itself in with corporations that have a shared interest in the evolution of the web. The authors describe Microsoft as being a major enemy of Google, and responsible for spearheading an advocacy effort to thwart the now botched Google/Yahoo ad deal.

Apparently, Microsoft was successful at convincing Tom Barnett, assistant attorney general for antitrust, that an ad partnership between Google and Yahoo constitutes a monopoly.

Traditional advocacy efforts entail organizing consumers/voters around a specific issue, and leveraging their voice to push through a specific set of policies. However, Microsoft took a different approach by rallying up corporate entities, to lobby on behalf of Microsoft’s cause.

Small Business Don’t Get It–Still Failing to Invest in Search Marketing

by Rene LeMerle

A new study out by Microsoft AdCenter confirms it – small business are still missing the mark when it comes to the potential of online.

It appears a large proportion of small business owners are still stuck in the “build it and they will come” mentality. The study highlights that most small businesses have developed websites, but have done little more to enhance their online business presence.

According to the report, over 59% of small business owners who own websites don’t use paid search marketing, and of those, a whopping 90% have never tried it.

Maybe this statistic tells the real story. Apparently

…seven in 10 small-business owners who participated revealed that they would rather try to do their own taxes than start a paid search marketing campaign.

SMX London – Empowering Search Marketers – Cool tools from Microsoft

The first London SMX in 2007 was a great conference– so the 2008 event held in the New Connaught rooms in Russell Square had a fair bit to live up to. However in spite of a recession there was a good crowd in attendance and the conference attracted many attendees people from all over Europe.

To kick off the event Chris Sherman reminded us that we there were a lot of positive changes happening in the current search space. Search engines themselves were finally opening up – particularly so MSN & Yahoo.

So Chris suggested we were now witnessing an end of the ‘us v them’ mentality that had long seemed to exist between the search engines and online marketers.

Microsoft and Live Search – When the Rich Get Desperate

There’s no need to beat around the bush: what do you, as an Internet user, think about when someone mentions the word “search”? You most likely think about Google and, why not, Yahoo! may also be on your mind.

Microsoft’s Live Search has started out as something they considered extremely promising but, unfortunately, things didn’t exactly turn out the way these folks would have liked them to. Let’s face it: as far as search is concerned, Live Search doesn’t represent anything, especially if you were to compare it to the big G.

Under such circumstances, we have the following scenario: a company with a lot of money on their hands (Microsoft) sees that one of its projects is as close to becoming a flop as it gets. And, with all of the possibilities out there, they choose to go with what clearly represents a pathetic attempt at bribery.